Late April/Early May

Lots going on, so I’m splitting photos from the past four weeks into three posts this week – check back on Tuesday and Thursday for more!

April was a big month for Andrew: Sleep training, learning how to roll completely over from back to front and front to back, on a related note – rolling into the fireplace for the first time and hitting his head, having his first tooth come in (followed quickly by a second!), and officially overcoming his weight gain challenges at his 6 month appointment!

Some of our favorites since my last post. Starting with bath time!

One of Julia’s photos from mid-April that turned out really great.

In late April we went to visit Kareem and Meghna, where we met their new son Sufyan! Zaina is very excited to have a younger brother and Andy is thrilled to have another friend.

Sometimes he sleeps like this. It scares us. Fortunately the blanket is very thin and easy to breathe through.

Andy turned 6 months old in April! For his half birthday he got some shots, but took them like a champ. He was crawling around as usual all afternoon.

I met up with Mike, Emily, Ellie, and Max for a hike in Tilden Park a couple days later while Julia slept following a night shift. Emily got a great photo of the guys.

Julia took one later in the day of Andy and I entertaining ourselves.

A Sunday at the park.

Getting Andrew on a surfboard for the first time!

A photogenic afternoon.

Part of our bedtime routine – we say goodnight to the green grass, the lemon tree, the big blue house, and Mt. Tam.

Watch out rolling around in the floor – you could wrap yourself up like a burrito!

March Maturation

That title’s a bit of a stretch, but I wanted to keep the alliteration theme. Some of our favorites from March and the beginning of April below!

The last two photos were taken in Lodi, while I was in Vegas for Adobe Summit 2017. It was a whirlwind week – I didn’t leave my hotel where the conference was held or go outside for three days – but it was a great experience and I had two presentations, a couple of analyst meetings, and my first press interview! The blurry photo below was taken by a colleague as I presented to an audience of about 120 digital marketing professionals.

Andrew discovered he can put his foot in his mouth. Literally, not metaphorically (yet).

Andrew turned 5 months old!

We use a Nest camera to monitor Andy’s naps, and I get notifications on my phone when he makes major movements. On weekdays these come at work, and one day when I opened the notification he was looking right at the camera, as if he knew I’d be watching.

Visiting with Sophie.

At the end of March we introduced Andrew to some real foods. He has tried avocado, sweet potato, bananas, and carrots.

It can get pretty messy.

He didn’t really like carrots at first.

I wanted to do a weekend camping trip with Mike, which turned in to a mountain bike ride/brewery visit in Santa Rosa last Saturday. I rented a proper full suspension trail bike and had a blast at Annadel State Park before we visited Russian River and Lagunitas breweries for growler fills. Home by 6pm!

Andy dressed to watch the first Giants game of the season on TV!

Encountered mud at the end of a ride in Fairfax earlier this week. Photos show the contrast during and post-ride.

One last photo of Andrew reaching for a toy one morning this week.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Last Sunday morning we had a little DSLR photoshoot with Andrew. I had an idea in my mind of an image I wanted to take of him holding my fingers and I’m very pleased with the results here.

It looks like he’s reading, but trust me – this is his “I wonder what this book tastes like, let me try to eat it” look.

February Favorites

February flew by, and not just because it’s a shorter month than the rest! Here are some of my favorite photos from the month.

Super Bowl Sunday, hanging out with high school and college friends and their wives in Walnut Creek – wish we got a group shot!

Andy and I have been having lots of fun, whether I’m taking creepy photos while he sleeps, selfies on the floor, forcing him to wear a Metallica onesie even though he has a beaming smile and clearly doesn’t understand Metal, or laughing while he rests in my lap.

I spent a few days in New York City for work. Here’s the amazing view from our office on the 43rd floor of a building in Times Square.

Stark difference between my second and third day there. The photo on the left was taken on Wednesday when it was sunny and unseasonably warm; the photo on the right was taken less than 24 hours later during a snowstorm that shut down the city – schools, some subway lines, and many offices were closed. Fortunately the storm cleared in time for my flight to depart that day. I wasn’t even delayed!

Julia went to Lodi while I was in New York. She had fun recreating photos Tim and Jeanne took of her when she was a baby – down to the same blanket, overalls, and toys!

The resemblance is amazing. And he looks a lot like me, too!

…and don’t you forget it.

Andy playing with Grandma.

A couple DSLR photos.

Andy meeting cousin Sophie for the second time – Best Friends Forever!

Watching the Warriors during Tummy Time.

Phil, Mia, Scott, Nicole, Sophie, Julia, Andrew, and I all converged at mom’s house to celebrate Phil and Scott’s 31st birthday. Somehow we never took a group photo! Huge miss after last year’s get together. Here’s one from Mia’s iPhone with its portrait feature.

Julia sent this one to me during work one day. Immediately made it my phone background image.

Photo of Andy looking happy on his four-month birthday!

January’s Greatest Hits

It’s such an irony – so many wonderful photos of Andrew, but so little time to update the blog. Some of the blame goes to the photo subject himself, but part of the blame is due to the endless march of software updates every time I try to pull photos off my iPhone or my DSLR. First world problems.

Anyway, here are some of our favorites from the month of January! It was a tough month for us because we were dealing with feeding challenges, but fortunately it looks like they’re behind us and Andrew is healthy, happy, and engaging. During the first couple months everyone told us “It gets better,” and it certainly feels that way now!

Reading to Andy on Dec 29th, not January – close enough.

Andrew showing his range.

On January 13th I stopped to snap a photo during my morning bike commute. I posted a version of this image to Instagram, but here’s the original.

We have hundreds of photos of him smiling at us from our laps. They never get old!

I took a work trip to Sundance, Utah. It’s gorgeous there. We had meetings in a conference room all day, but one night we went skiing – my first time night skiing!

Scott and Nicole welcomed Sophie into the world on January 20th! Here’s a photo Scott sent us from the hospital.

A week or so later Andrew met his cousin for the first time and Julia and I met our niece!

During breaks in the rain we took Andrew on hikes and walks around the neighborhood.

Another original of one you may have seen on Instagram.

Sometimes his mood can change in an instant!

Bath time!

Showing off his neck strength during tummy time. He’ll be crawling soon!

…but he’s still our little baby boy.

Andrew turned three months at the end of January! Here he demonstrates anger and finally acceptance about getting older.