About Matt

This blog was originally created to provide friends and family with regular updates during my time abroad in 2009-2010. Those posts are still viewable in the “Archives” section on the right navigation bar, but today the blog is used to share photos and updates of my life back in the States. Check out the posts and come back often. Leave comments, too!

If you’re here you probably already know me, but if you don’t check out the FAQs below. Anything else, jusk ask. Send an email to “matt (at) matthewskinner.com”

Frequently Asked Questions:
– What do you do for a living?
I’m a marketing and communications guy for a great educational nonprofit.

– How long were you be in Asia?

Approximately one year, Feb-Aug 2009 and Nov-May 2010.

– Where were you?
I spent the first six months in Beijing, China, followed by six months in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

– How tall are you?
6’8″, last I checked.

– Do you play basketball?