June Travels

June was a busy month – Andy started crawling, we took a family vacation in Santa Cruz, and I had a whirlwind 5-day business trip to Europe!

Andy at home in his ball pit.

We rented a house in Santa Cruz for a weekend to celebrate mom’s retirement. It was great to get everyone together for a few days! Andrew needed a nap immediately after arriving at the house, and fell asleep exhausted like this.

Andy’s first time putting his feet in the Pacific Ocean! It was cold and he cried, but I’m telling myself he’ll join me in the surf as soon as he can.

Andy and Sophie admiring each other’s hats.

“Local Hunk” – all you tourist kooks better recognize!

Phil and I took a quick bike ride for a beer run and to check the surf at Pleasure Point.

Some great photos of Andy and Sophie playing at the house. Phil took most of these, I think – thanks Phil! Check out Phil’s blog post about the weekend for more.

A couple shots of the family. What a great weekend, and congratulations again, mom!

The next morning I left our apartment at 5am Monday to fly to Europe for a series of meetings and presentations spanning three countries in three days. It was a crazy schedule, and I was back by 5pm on Friday. In between meetings and travel I still managed to do some sightseeing and have fun. I ate authentic German food and rank authentic German beer in Munich with my old roommate Jan!

I took a selfie in front of a tower in Paris!

I took photos at dawn in London!

Back at home, Andrew helping us take a family self-portrait.

He’s turning into quite the grappler, demonstrating his eye gouge-fish hook combo as I lay helpless on the ground.

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