Late April/Early May

Lots going on, so I’m splitting photos from the past four weeks into three posts this week – check back on Tuesday and Thursday for more!

April was a big month for Andrew: Sleep training, learning how to roll completely over from back to front and front to back, on a related note – rolling into the fireplace for the first time and hitting his head, having his first tooth come in (followed quickly by a second!), and officially overcoming his weight gain challenges at his 6 month appointment!

Some of our favorites since my last post. Starting with bath time!

One of Julia’s photos from mid-April that turned out really great.

In late April we went to visit Kareem and Meghna, where we met their new son Sufyan! Zaina is very excited to have a younger brother and Andy is thrilled to have another friend.

Sometimes he sleeps like this. It scares us. Fortunately the blanket is very thin and easy to breathe through.

Andy turned 6 months old in April! For his half birthday he got some shots, but took them like a champ. He was crawling around as usual all afternoon.

I met up with Mike, Emily, Ellie, and Max for a hike in Tilden Park a couple days later while Julia slept following a night shift. Emily got a great photo of the guys.

Julia took one later in the day of Andy and I entertaining ourselves.

A Sunday at the park.

Getting Andrew on a surfboard for the first time!

A photogenic afternoon.

Part of our bedtime routine – we say goodnight to the green grass, the lemon tree, the big blue house, and Mt. Tam.

Watch out rolling around in the floor – you could wrap yourself up like a burrito!

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  1. Some great photos Matt and creative. Love the shot from behind with his “friends” :-) Fun morning read – thanks so much!

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