March Maturation

That title’s a bit of a stretch, but I wanted to keep the alliteration theme. Some of our favorites from March and the beginning of April below!

The last two photos were taken in Lodi, while I was in Vegas for Adobe Summit 2017. It was a whirlwind week – I didn’t leave my hotel where the conference was held or go outside for three days – but it was a great experience and I had two presentations, a couple of analyst meetings, and my first press interview! The blurry photo below was taken by a colleague as I presented to an audience of about 120 digital marketing professionals.

Andrew discovered he can put his foot in his mouth. Literally, not metaphorically (yet).

Andrew turned 5 months old!

We use a Nest camera to monitor Andy’s naps, and I get notifications on my phone when he makes major movements. On weekdays these come at work, and one day when I opened the notification he was looking right at the camera, as if he knew I’d be watching.

Visiting with Sophie.

At the end of March we introduced Andrew to some real foods. He has tried avocado, sweet potato, bananas, and carrots.

It can get pretty messy.

He didn’t really like carrots at first.

I wanted to do a weekend camping trip with Mike, which turned in to a mountain bike ride/brewery visit in Santa Rosa last Saturday. I rented a proper full suspension trail bike and had a blast at Annadel State Park before we visited Russian River and Lagunitas breweries for growler fills. Home by 6pm!

Andy dressed to watch the first Giants game of the season on TV!

Encountered mud at the end of a ride in Fairfax earlier this week. Photos show the contrast during and post-ride.

One last photo of Andrew reaching for a toy one morning this week.


  1. Just love all these pictures-he’s a very happy guy!

  2. So many great photos of our newest favorite subject, and all the commentary along the way. Very fun.
    Poked through the link to your summit – pretty impressive….is your presentation in there somewhere??

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