Photo Round-Up

A series of photos, with commentary kept to a minimum.

Back in mid-June we watched an amazing sunset from our balcony.

gas-powered jetpack that allows a rider to levitate several feet above a body of water while burning fossil fuels in exciting new ways!

You may have seen the Twitter post in the sidebar, but last Saturday I achieved a goal by mountain biking from my apartment to the top of Tam and back. Mike joined me for the 27+ mile journey, which took about 4 hours. When we reached the top we were able to watch the fog roll in through the Marin Headlands and over Sausalito.

I spent today (the 4th) studying while Julia bottled a batch of beer she made herself: A honey stout!

Finally, a photo from Mike and Emily’s wedding last October. We only recently discovered it while Mike was showing us their wedding photos. This was a candid moment between the ceremony and the reception; we had no idea a lens was pointed at us. We’re excited that the same photographer team – Damian and Julie Hamilton – will shoot our wedding next July!

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  1. Man…I wish we could move!

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