‘Day Trips’ Archive

Spinnin’ Spokes

Here’s a video I put together of a ride I did with Mike at Annadel State Park back on December 11. We completed a 16 mile loop that was pretty technical with lots of rocky single track. It was pretty cold, in the high 40s I think, but what a great way to spend my […]

Christmas and New Year’s

The past 10 days or so were fantastic. I started my holiday by picking Phil up from the airport and heading to our mom’s place for a few days of relaxation. Phil and I did our annual pre-Christmas snowboard trip on Friday, December 23rd. Although the conditions weren’t great, we had a lot of fun. […]

Zipping in Sonoma

I had a pretty incredible weekend, even by Weekend Warrior standards. A) Friday evening: Surf session after work, followed by dinner with Kareem & Meghna B) Saturday: Morning surf with Pat & Jan, afternoon mountain bike ride with Mike C) Sunday: Zipline canopy tour with Mom and Julia Mom got the three of us tickets […]

Sunday at Tomales Bay

Phil and his girlfriend Kathryn came up for a visit this weekend, and yesterday all six of us – Phil, Kathryn, Scott, Julia, mom, and me – went to Tomales Bay for some oysters and to enjoy some great weather. With my brothers and our mom. The four of us hadn’t been together since last […]

NYC, Mike’s Wedding, and Rusty

This is a big post, because last week was a big week. First, I was in New York City for a business trip last Saturday through Tuesday. Although I lost most of Saturday and Tuesday to travel, and I was working on Sunday and Monday, I still managed to take some photos on Sunday morning […]