‘Guest Author’ Archive

Phil the Filmmaker

As referenced in my last post featuring the snowboard video, Phil has been enjoying his new GoPro. Check out his newest video creation below. The wave from 3:52-4:54 is what it’s all about. Phil, glad you took my advice with the Portlandia theme song (“Feel it All Around” by Washed Out)! Looking forward to more […]

Guest Author(s): Mike & Emily!

Emily, Mike, and Larry avoid the bird flu. Traveling through China and not getting sick is hard enough but you add in a bird into the mix and you increase your chances of illness drastically. Larry, our commonly owned pet pirate puppet parrot traveled with us and can be seen in many of our pictures. […]

Guest Author – Brian

[Note: Come visit me abroad, get a spot as a Guest Author. Here’s Brian’s post from the two weeks he spent here this month. – Matt] I had an incredible two weeks touring around China. The country has a lot to offer especially in terms of history, culture, food, and landscape. I believe the cities […]

Where’s Waldo?

On Monday I’ll give a presentation to our San Francisco office about the media landscape in China. As part of the presentation, I’m going to include this team photo of our Beijing office. How long does it take for you to find me? Tonight I went to dinner with a group of colleagues I work […]

Guest Author – Julia!

3 1/2 weeks in Beijing…I can’t believe my trip is over! I’m so sad to leave, but am so grateful for the memories we made. I put together this video to showcase our adventures. Enjoy!