‘Beijing’ Archive

Holga Photos and a Rope Swing

Passing the time at my mom’s place as we wait for my Malaysian visa to come through… My favorites from the final Holga rolls taken in Beijing: 798 Art District. Brian eating lunch at the Summer Palace. Tall grass at the Summer Palace. Mike, Emily, and Larry out on their last night in Beijing. The […]

Zai Jian, Beijing

My six months here are up, and in just a few hours I’ll be on a plane bound for home. I feel like I should write something profound and reflective to summarize my experience here, but I won’t. At this point I don’t fully understand the ways this experience has shaped me or how I’ve […]

A Day in Shanhaiguan

I woke up at 5:45am yesterday to wade in the Pacific Ocean. Shanhaiguan is a town on the Bohai Sea that has an important place in the history of China. I decided to plan a day trip there to see the end of the Great Wall at the Chinese coastline. Let’s cut to the chase […]

Photos from Last Weekend

Hey little buddy, whatcha doin’ on the 13th floor? Paddle boat chaos at Houhai. It’s actually much more peaceful and pleasant there than this photo makes it seem. Houhai hutong alleyway. The first day I had seen shadows in weeks, and the last time I’ve seen shadows since. Hutong door and roof shingles. A pedicab […]

My Favorites from the Camping Trip

You’ve seen Mike and Emily’s post, so I thought I’d upload some of my favorite photos from our Great Wall camping trip two weeks ago. Mike, doing what you do after waking up, miles away from the nearest toilet. View during breakfast from the tower we slept in. Starting out, heading into the morning sun. […]