London for Business

I was fortunate to travel to London last week for a conference. I hadn’t been back to England since December of 2001, when I studied abroad for a semester in college. It was really neat being able to return on a business trip at a completely different point in my life.

The first thing I did after checking in to my hotel on Sunday was to FaceTime with Julia and Andrew. I was eight hours ahead, so it was morning in California.

Next, I took the Tube across town and visited the neighborhood where I lived that fall. This is the building we stayed in. It’s in a fantastic part of town (Ferraris parked on the street) and the exterior is in great shape, but when we were there the interior left a lot to be desired. We had very cramped living conditions, infrequent hot water, and major bathroom challenges. I lived in a room with Robby and Brent that can be seen here – top row of visible windows, third from the right.

London has a great bike share program now, so I rented a bike for cheap and rode around for an hour, through Hyde Park and Green Park and past Buckingham Palace and Big Ben/Houses of Parliament.

A quick look at my Find My Friends app demonstrated just how far I was from Julia and Andy.

On my second morning there, and my first full day of work, I woke up around 4:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I jumped onto email at around 5:15am and worked from my hotel room before heading out to the conference.

I gave a presentation to advertising agency and partner organizations from this stage.

I gave a different presentation with a colleague to about 500 people from this stage.

Here’s my colleague Ben during our presentation. I asked him to get a photo of me too, but in the stress of the situation he forgot! They recorded with video cameras, so I’ll post the video when it’s available.

An unusual aspect of the presentation was there were several sessions taking place simultaneously in a large aircraft hanger-like room. This meant attendees wore headphones like the one shown here to listen to us as we spoke in front of them. Speakers were equipped with headsets that had a microphone and two ear buds so we could hear ourselves, too. It seemed strange at first, but worked fine.

After the conference wrapped up I had a great dinner on the Thames with colleagues Rakhi and Ted.

Later that night Julia notified me that Andrew had gotten sick and had to be taken to the doctor. A few days of antiobiotics later, and he’s doing fine.

Friday was my last day in London, and after a visit to the office in the morning I spent the afternoon wandering and doing some sightseeing. Here’s Trafalgar Square.

The Millenium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral – I can’t recall if I walked on the Millenium Bridge when I was here last time, so thought it was worth a visit.

Walking towards St Paul’s on the bridge.

St Paul’s up close.

Saturday morning I woke up early and was waiting for the train to connect to the airport by 7am. It was a great trip, even though it was tough being away from Julia and Andrew for an entire week!

Mother’s Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day in Sausalito this past weekend and took the opportunity to get some photos in front of the apartment.

A sequence of Andy smiles!

Late April/Early May

Lots going on, so I’m splitting photos from the past four weeks into three posts this week – check back on Tuesday and Thursday for more!

April was a big month for Andrew: Sleep training, learning how to roll completely over from back to front and front to back, on a related note – rolling into the fireplace for the first time and hitting his head, having his first tooth come in (followed quickly by a second!), and officially overcoming his weight gain challenges at his 6 month appointment!

Some of our favorites since my last post. Starting with bath time!

One of Julia’s photos from mid-April that turned out really great.

In late April we went to visit Kareem and Meghna, where we met their new son Sufyan! Zaina is very excited to have a younger brother and Andy is thrilled to have another friend.

Sometimes he sleeps like this. It scares us. Fortunately the blanket is very thin and easy to breathe through.

Andy turned 6 months old in April! For his half birthday he got some shots, but took them like a champ. He was crawling around as usual all afternoon.

I met up with Mike, Emily, Ellie, and Max for a hike in Tilden Park a couple days later while Julia slept following a night shift. Emily got a great photo of the guys.

Julia took one later in the day of Andy and I entertaining ourselves.

A Sunday at the park.

Getting Andrew on a surfboard for the first time!

A photogenic afternoon.

Part of our bedtime routine – we say goodnight to the green grass, the lemon tree, the big blue house, and Mt. Tam.

Watch out rolling around in the floor – you could wrap yourself up like a burrito!

March Maturation

That title’s a bit of a stretch, but I wanted to keep the alliteration theme. Some of our favorites from March and the beginning of April below!

The last two photos were taken in Lodi, while I was in Vegas for Adobe Summit 2017. It was a whirlwind week – I didn’t leave my hotel where the conference was held or go outside for three days – but it was a great experience and I had two presentations, a couple of analyst meetings, and my first press interview! The blurry photo below was taken by a colleague as I presented to an audience of about 120 digital marketing professionals.

Andrew discovered he can put his foot in his mouth. Literally, not metaphorically (yet).

Andrew turned 5 months old!

We use a Nest camera to monitor Andy’s naps, and I get notifications on my phone when he makes major movements. On weekdays these come at work, and one day when I opened the notification he was looking right at the camera, as if he knew I’d be watching.

Visiting with Sophie.

At the end of March we introduced Andrew to some real foods. He has tried avocado, sweet potato, bananas, and carrots.

It can get pretty messy.

He didn’t really like carrots at first.

I wanted to do a weekend camping trip with Mike, which turned in to a mountain bike ride/brewery visit in Santa Rosa last Saturday. I rented a proper full suspension trail bike and had a blast at Annadel State Park before we visited Russian River and Lagunitas breweries for growler fills. Home by 6pm!

Andy dressed to watch the first Giants game of the season on TV!

Encountered mud at the end of a ride in Fairfax earlier this week. Photos show the contrast during and post-ride.

One last photo of Andrew reaching for a toy one morning this week.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Last Sunday morning we had a little DSLR photoshoot with Andrew. I had an idea in my mind of an image I wanted to take of him holding my fingers and I’m very pleased with the results here.

It looks like he’s reading, but trust me – this is his “I wonder what this book tastes like, let me try to eat it” look.